**** Fallout 2018 ****

Is this really the End?

April 30, 2018

Welp, I think it is finally time we questioned the End and what exactly is going on. First We will go over the evidence I have connected can we talk about the evidence I’ve been dying to talk about the evidence! First of all, let’s go in the order Millard A Rausch, he’s a Sub-Contractor wit the Center for Dominant Evolution or the CDE his I.D. card was found 02/23/2018. At first, we did not know much about him but just wait, my friends, you will hear more of him in here. Then we had the CDE memo that was found 02/25/2018 This was discussing the symptoms and behaviors of an epidemic that has been caused by a pathogen that they named “E.N.D” now this already connects with Mr.Rausch considering his I.D. said he worked with the CDE and the memo was by the CDE.

Next, we have the infection maps which show this disease starting in Virginia and moving around really fast this just shows how fast this pathogen was able to transfer between hosts. After this, there was a decoder ring found which will come to use later. However, after this, there was a CDE Questionnaire found by the CDE which listed the answers being cyphered in the Caesar cipher with a 17 letter shift. In the questionnaire, it asks if subjects have certain symptoms and have the researcher score this.

After this, there is an emergency broadcast which talks about flu-like symptoms and if anyone has experienced these in the same time frame the questionnaire asks for. Obviously, both of these are related to each other however it does not tell if this is related to the “E.N.D” however we can safely bet that the questionnaire and the memo are related to the broadcast.

Then after a couple of more days the Survey Notes are brought up. This features the Caesar cipher with the 17 letter shift in order to decode it. This tells exactly what the questionnaire asks talking about four subjects with differing amounts of symptoms showed. To be honest most of these symptoms relate to how Martha is like how Josh said, however, I won’t think into that, that much there’s no way our professor would mislead us in this way.

Speaking of Josh he also wrote a great piece on how Jim Groom for evidence and how Martha is related to this as well.

One other notable piece of evidence was explained by Cypherpunk106.This relation to the CDE and reclaim hosting was amazing because it added another layer to this confusing story of the E.N.D.

Later there was evidence found about food remnants found in the UC then there were random deliveries of Ground Beef.

Then last but not least is the strange footage of Dr.Locke. NOW THIS WAS GROUNDBREAKING it truly showed us that Martha was not who we thought she was.

My conclusion of this was that the Ds106 class was being used by Dr.Locke to research/spread the E.N.D. through a secret government action. Considering the explosions that happened I would assume it would be more of a research since they are containing the pathogen. However, this connection between Martha and Dr.Locke means there is even more of a connection between Martha and Millard A Rausch.

…the Bad

April 24, 2018

Last but not least here is the final video! This is the one where I got my lowlights aka the parts where I did so bad that I just had to put it in a video! This uses again the same type of aesthetic because ironically and unironically i love the 2000’s YouTube tutorial way of doing videos. This was for an assignment I created called Lowlights.

The good…

April 24, 2018

Heres another one of my blog posts about my video assignments! This one will be about the highlights that I compiled from my game play which is another video that has the 2000’s aesthetic. This one combines about 12 hours of footage into one video. Making this I realized that gaming YouTubers have to be really good at a game to get so many highlights. However I loved editing this video and trying to find parts that were Highlight worthy. This again is footage that was recorded from OBS with me and a couple friends. This video was also created for the assignment “HIGHLIGHTS VIDEOGAME” that I made. The name is self explanatory but you pretty much compile a bunch of video game highlights into a single video.

Catching up!

April 24, 2018

Hello everyone!
I haven’t been keeping up with the work for the latest weeks so I decided to finally link up some of the videos I made for about two weeks ago,but just recently I completed! First I will share the first video I made which was a part of an assignment that I created! It is named “What can they do?”. I basically show off Genji and what he can do. I do not go too far in depth with his abilities but, I do show what he can do.

The main thing I did in this video was dash a couple of memes onto it such as the stereotypical 2000’s YouTube tutorial aesthetic which was not talking and using notepad to explain things(that includes misspelling and backspacing in notepad), even the song at the beginning was used a lot within 2000’s YouTube tutorials. It was fun trying to figure out how to replicate this aesthetic without having a horrible video. Since this is my first video of OverWatch video it may be a bit rough ,however, I have two more coming up,since they are different assignments they will be in different blog posts!

It’s the remix to ignition

March 27, 2018

Hello everyone once again! This is my update on what I have done this week! The daily creates I did was giving my favorite animal a new descriptive name! My idea for this was to find out a random animal (sadly not my favorite) and try to give it a name that fits.

The next daily create that I did was asking who rules the internet cats or dogs. Now I have a dog at home and I love him so much but, since I have never lived with a cat I always wanted to have a cat with me. Plus it was asking who ruled the internet and I see way more cat pictures on the internet than dog pictures.

For my remixing or remaking an assignment, I decided to change-up the resume web assignment 1490. Instead of doing a resume for my character I decided to create a D&D character that Alexander would create. It has pretty much all the same personality traits as Alex however, the main differences are he can’t really have a proficiency in technology since D&D doesn’t have computers.

Character Sheet

What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it?

The thing I definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse is probably a soldering iron. If you think about it a soldering iron with some solar power could be extremely useful for fixing anything and creating more solar-powered objects. The way I would obtain this is either getting my own from my room or heading to the UMW ThinkLab and getting some of those before everything goes downhill.

And we are uhhh live!

March 20, 2018

Oh boy, it’s time for the weekly Daniel talk!

For the past two weeks, we mainly focused on the radio show and getting that done however we also did some daily creates!

The first one I did was the one about what I would not want to be in an apocalypse so I picked a zombie because a cyborg would be cool but being a mindless zombie would be horrible.

The second one I did was the 80s glam message! This one I have used the generator before and only responded to some friends with that. I had the Space Jam theme stuck in my head (as usual) so I made it based off that.

The third one I did was the message to a loved one so I wrote one to my dog.

Then time for the grand finale! THE RADIO SHOW! It was a wonderful time recording this radio show with my group! We felt like 14 minutes of solid footage would be amazing.

Check out my Checking in

March 6, 2018

Oh boy it is time to discuss the progress of our group so far! The first thing we did was planning out how the radio show would go. The second thing we came up with is our name, Alt-F4 which is the keystroke to close a window.

We decided to make our show like a UMW radio show at first then it slowly turning into something completely different because of conspiracies which relate to the evidence found in our class.

My task was to make a poster how the radio show was before the whole conspiracy mess. I tried to make it like the UMW radio show poster.

Design is everywhere!

February 26, 2018

The focus on this week was the design of things! I will be talking about the assignments I did this week and my approach at each one first I will be talking about the daily create number 2234. This was creating the felt letter board with my last words on it and putting it in my hideout. I created my last words to include a phrase I say a lot (You’re not wrong) and something that anticipated something that would have gone wrong. I decided to include the bunker we did at week one because I feel like with all those supplies it would be a wonderful place to hideout.

The next assignment I worked on was from the assignment bank. This assignment took me more time than I thought it would because I was trying to make my character look exactly how I imagined him but the generator made him too buff.The main part I liked about the character generator was being able to customize their clothes so I made it look like he was in his old job at blockbusters.

Alex in his natural habitat

After this assignment I did the daily create number 2235. This was creating a fake movie poster based off a prompt a website gave us. The quote it gave me was “Bradley Cooper is an embittered crime scene investigator who believes the same great white shark is responsible for every murder in New York.” so I made this masterpiece.

The next assignment I did was the missing poster assignment from the assignment bank. This one I used Canva in order to find a format that worked for a missing poster because that would be difficult to do in Pixlr. This one I thought of again Alex and how he would deal with the closing of Blockbusters and my thought was he wouldn’t deal with it well.


This next assignment was one of my favorite to do and one of the ones that took forever. The honest Video Game cover assignment was from the assignment bank this was great because all I do is play video games during my free time. I decided I should do one of the games I have played the most of (about 600 hours combined on PC and PS4) which is Overwatch. This game has its good and bad moments but I decided to make the cover parody one of my favorite/most played characters and a phrase that people who play him always use. I loved designing this because I photo shopped the normal logo used in the game into different words ,however, this took up a couple of hours just to get letters ready.

I require medical assistance

Another daily create that I did was daily create was connected to the movie poster one. This one we had to create a movie review to a movie poster that was posted in that daily create so I did what was natural to me and pick a Morgan Freeman one. This was fun creating a review that was based off a short movie poster with the poster not telling much about the whole movie.

The last thing I did was create an alternative book cover for the novel I am supposed to be reading for the class. The book I am reading is called Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut. For Vonnegut’s work his book covers have the name of the book his name and a single picture in the middle so originally I was going to do the same but instead of a snake in the middle I would put a small finch. When I decided to put the finch in it showed up giant at first which changed my idea completely to just keeping it giant and instead aligning it.

Special edition Vonnegut cover!

Now for the question of the week! This weeks question is What’s been the most successful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work? The most successful group that I have been a part of was probably my hack-a-thon group when I competed in the hack-a-thon freshman year. This group was put together last second but it turned out to be extremely successful we won most creative and could have finished our program completely if we had more time. I was the leader of this group and the person who came up with the idea to create a DnD dice roller. This project worked with my group because it had certain aspects that worked with each persons specialty such as one person being good at Gui’s and another that knew how to program and use an arduino well. We did run into a problem with trying to combine both the arduino code and the Java code for the Gui so we had another program combine them both. This required a new programming language that would parse all the data and transfer it over to the arduino that no one knew so I took the challenge of getting it to work correctly. Overall we all put in the same amount of effort and all worked together pretty well since we all were friends and I believe that was the main reason why we did so well because it was not one person doing all the effort and we all got along.

How to design 101

February 26, 2018

The two videos influenced my designs that I created for the week by having fun with the designs and trying out new things. The two videos to me had very interesting takes, one had focused on typography while the other focused on the actual design appeal it gave. I mainly focused on the appeal aspect of design because the font to me could be distracting from the overall picture or emotion something is trying to convey. The idea of getting emotions from a certain design of a sign or cover of something could affect how much someone would remember the topic of it. If I am given a boring design I am not going to pay much attention to it however if the design of something catches my eye and makes the point clear then it will gain more of my attention which is what I tried to do with my assignments this week. I decided to do my reflection on the videos at the end of the week because that would truly show how I used these videos in my work. Overall both videos were very interesting however I liked David Carson’s way of design better.