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The competitive multiplayer game industry used to have a two games that controlled the industry for PC gaming, those two games are Team Fortress 2 and CounterStrike. Then another game emerged which is called Overwatch. Overwatch came out one year ago and has been a popular game the entire time. The game developers Blizzard have made a game they said to focus on the fun of a team based game. I have put around 300+ hours into this game and I have to say it is becoming one of my favorite games. The main parts of the game that attract me to it is being able to play with friends on a team to reach a common goal and to see myself grow as a player. The main gamemodes of Overwatch are very simple to understand they are two point capture where one teams idea is to defend two points one at a time while the other team attacks the points one at a time, the second game type is escorting the payload again one team defends the payload while the other team attacks and tries to get it to the end of the map within a time limit, while last but not least is the hybrid map which starts off like a defending point map then turns into a escorting payload map. Each of the gamemodes roughly takes around the same amount of time ten to fifteen minutes which is the perfect amount of time for a game to not be overwhelming.

Map design- The maps in this game looks alive and fun to be in. The design to this map is the key part such as the details or the ways enemies can attack or where people can attack. Each map feels different in both gameplay and aesthetic. You could be battling in an amusement park based on the developers other games combined. Then go to a giant castle that used to fight off a robot war, this change of pace between maps helps keep me entertained with the game. The other thing that helps with the map variability is the heights and the different high grounds people could be on and defend meaning that there could be one highground that is dominant or another that is lacking in complete cover. However this map design makes the game as good as it is but one thing that helps Overwatch be as fun as it is, is the characters.

Character design- The design of the Characters is honestly one of the best designed part of the game. The characters can range from all play styles such as a flying person who can shoot rockets down on the enemy to a robot who literally turns into a minigun. This variability in the first person shooter can result in interesting matchups and people who “counter” each other such as an undead dual shotgun welding soldier can counter a giant monkey with a tesla cannon. Just the sound of these matchups make you wonder what these characters look like and how they are played. The game mechanics of the players isn’t the only thing unique about them, the design of said characters is amazing as well. They all were not just soldiers fighting in war, however, there are some people that have the role to fit fighting in war and then there are characters like Lucio who literally is a DJ and heals people with the sound of music. Having this variability to the game makes it even more interesting to play, while trying to perform better with a select few characters.

Overall I would rate this game a 9/10 considering the game is regularly updated and fun to play, however, the games community can be a bit annoying when playing in any of the competitive game types or in quick play. The design to both the characters and level design is amazing and what really makes the game shine while also boosting the fun of the gameplay.

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