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Why Alexander is the way he is

Alexander H. Ross otherwise known as Alex did not have a very interesting childhood, he was the only child of a divorced mother and father, he lives with his mother. He is the age of 20 and has had 2 jobs one at a GameStop and one at a Blockbuster ,however, he likes to count being a moderator of a 4Chan board a job too. His education background is a GED from his high school then after graduating he took one year off school to focus on work (even though he didn’t even work 5 hours a week during the break) and then he went to the online college called the University of Phoenix for one semseter then dropped out. However more into the past of him he grew up loving technology and trying to do things with as minimum effort as he can unless the thing involved anime or video-games. He learned most of his skills from endless googling how to do certain things such as computer repair and programming since he wanted to fix his own computer if he had problems with it. Even as a child he was more knowledgeable about computers than some of his peers that didn’t know the monitor isn’t the actual computer majority of the time. He did not try to attain a job in that field however since he himself said that the programming and repair was too much work if it wasn’t something for himself. Even with himself being isolated from the community and a shut in he still says he had a good childhood and he grew up happy because he wanted the minimum amount of interactions every day. He only did what he needed to do but he always put his wants over anyone else’s needs. He did grow up loving the blockbuster stores and wanting to work at one since they always had the niche movies/games he wanted, and when he did finally get a job at one it was a dream come true. The decision to drop out of online college and continue working at the only place he loved soon became a horrible decision since recently his job will be lost because of the store shutting down, this is the only thing that has gotten Alex emotional. His parents or his stepdad can’t even mention Blockbuster without him getting emotional. His ideal location to end up in is Alaska considering it has some of the last Blockbusters remaining.

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  1. Samara says:

    I’m sure Alex will live a long time when/if the apocalypse occurs! He reminds me of the father in the movie The Road by caring about his own survival before anything else.

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