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Catching up!

Hello everyone!
I haven’t been keeping up with the work for the latest weeks so I decided to finally link up some of the videos I made for about two weeks ago,but just recently I completed! First I will share the first video I made which was a part of an assignment that I created! It is named “What can they do?”. I basically show off Genji and what he can do. I do not go too far in depth with his abilities but, I do show what he can do.

The main thing I did in this video was dash a couple of memes onto it such as the stereotypical 2000’s YouTube tutorial aesthetic which was not talking and using notepad to explain things(that includes misspelling and backspacing in notepad), even the song at the beginning was used a lot within 2000’s YouTube tutorials. It was fun trying to figure out how to replicate this aesthetic without having a horrible video. Since this is my first video of OverWatch video it may be a bit rough ,however, I have two more coming up,since they are different assignments they will be in different blog posts!

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