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Is this really the End?

Welp, I think it is finally time we questioned the End and what exactly is going on. First We will go over the evidence I have connected can we talk about the evidence I’ve been dying to talk about the evidence! First of all, let’s go in the order Millard A Rausch, he’s a Sub-Contractor wit the Center for Dominant Evolution or the CDE his I.D. card was found 02/23/2018. At first, we did not know much about him but just wait, my friends, you will hear more of him in here. Then we had the CDE memo that was found 02/25/2018 This was discussing the symptoms and behaviors of an epidemic that has been caused by a pathogen that they named “E.N.D” now this already connects with Mr.Rausch considering his I.D. said he worked with the CDE and the memo was by the CDE.

Next, we have the infection maps which show this disease starting in Virginia and moving around really fast this just shows how fast this pathogen was able to transfer between hosts. After this, there was a decoder ring found which will come to use later. However, after this, there was a CDE Questionnaire found by the CDE which listed the answers being cyphered in the Caesar cipher with a 17 letter shift. In the questionnaire, it asks if subjects have certain symptoms and have the researcher score this.

After this, there is an emergency broadcast which talks about flu-like symptoms and if anyone has experienced these in the same time frame the questionnaire asks for. Obviously, both of these are related to each other however it does not tell if this is related to the “E.N.D” however we can safely bet that the questionnaire and the memo are related to the broadcast.

Then after a couple of more days the Survey Notes are brought up. This features the Caesar cipher with the 17 letter shift in order to decode it. This tells exactly what the questionnaire asks talking about four subjects with differing amounts of symptoms showed. To be honest most of these symptoms relate to how Martha is like how Josh said, however, I won’t think into that, that much there’s no way our professor would mislead us in this way.

Speaking of Josh he also wrote a great piece on how Jim Groom for evidence and how Martha is related to this as well.

One other notable piece of evidence was explained by Cypherpunk106.This relation to the CDE and reclaim hosting was amazing because it added another layer to this confusing story of the E.N.D.

Later there was evidence found about food remnants found in the UC then there were random deliveries of Ground Beef.

Then last but not least is the strange footage of Dr.Locke. NOW THIS WAS GROUNDBREAKING it truly showed us that Martha was not who we thought she was.

My conclusion of this was that the Ds106 class was being used by Dr.Locke to research/spread the E.N.D. through a secret government action. Considering the explosions that happened I would assume it would be more of a research since they are containing the pathogen. However, this connection between Martha and Dr.Locke means there is even more of a connection between Martha and Millard A Rausch.

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  1. Elizabeth Finto says:

    I really, really like your “evidence” board! My project partner, Taylor, and I also created one! Yours look great!

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