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Picture a world like this

The tips I have learned about photography were stuff I have already kept in mind considering I usually already do considering I have been interested in photography for a while. The main thing I have trouble keeping in mind is the foreground and background being very important to a photo. I usually take pictures of very uninteresting things and try to make it interesting however the background always comes out bland.

The rule of thirds is almost always incorporated in my photos as well as including lines the photo to draw the attention to a subject or just the photo in general. The Abandoned America photos were very interesting and gave a good look at abandoned places while giving them a good picture and made them look very interesting even though they haven’t been visited in a while. Looking at these pictures makes me think about taking pictures similar to these since it could show something that hasn’t been seen for years and might not be seen years later. However, pixel art has not been something I have tried but I would like to try in the future or more often to try and create interesting things with it such as an explosion of a nuke I tried to do in this with only 16 pixels which are hard to show on this.

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