**** Fallout 2018 ****

Reading and Resource Reflection

From the resources provided I learned that making a audio story is more than just speaking into a microphone and hoping your point gets to the reader. The audio storytelling could include some noises and pauses to amplify your point or to just add some interesting ideas within the radio show or whatever is being done with the audio.

I also learned that there are many resources to find some audio samples to post audio samples and to be able to edit audio to be useful. One tool that I have used before is audacity this program is very useful in editing, however, to become a master at it, it takes a lot of practice. It looks very complicated when first going into it but then once you get the hang of audacity it become easier. I have also used soundcloud before not to upload audio just to listen to some audio. I did not know that there was a lot of archives with audio samples to use which helps me improve my audio creation even more.

Overall I learned a lot from these resources and believe they will be helpful to use later on with this class,other classes, or for my own personal reasons.

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