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The Road to Victory

Hello everyone welcome to another one of my blog posts! This time it is about the movie The Room and the short video called La Jetee. The first thing I am going to discuss is The Room which is a post-apocalyptic movie about a son and his father traveling trying to survive the world after an apocalypse. The things that they encounter this entire time are terrifying if they were to happen in this kind of situation. The main parts that were interesting about this was the escape from the cannibal house and the part where someone stole their gear. The gif that I got from the movie was the part where he points the gun at the guy who stole his gear.

This part was notable because it captured the ruthlessness of a post-apocalyptic situation and how it was everyone is just trying to survive and they will do whatever it takes to survive in this cruel world. The short video was very interesting however it did not catch my interest as much as The Road. The reason that this wasn’t as interesting was that the story is told in pictures reminded me of a PowerPoint being shown considering there were subtitles as well. However, it was a very cool way of showing a story since it did work well at setting an atmosphere of post-apocalypse/apocalypse.

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