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What could go wrong?

The versions of an apocalypse shown by “End Day” were very interesting and cheesy, however, it was entertaining. apocalypse I that I thought was the most frightening was the last one because that one was the one that was caused by research that was said to have the smallest chance of going wrong. When it did go wrong it pretty much took out a whole city in an instant and would later take out the whole earth with no one being able to stop or limit it. I think most if not all the situations if I were in it I would freak out. Some of the characters in there did not freak out that much though which felt weird to me since it was life ending or world ending situations.


Now time for the Routledge article which one thing interested me the most about this article which was the part where it focused on the Wells Novels and how Darwinism was at the core of his apocalyptic Novels. Which Darwinism became a staple throughout a lot of writing related to catastrophe. This made me interested in checking out these books to see what they were about and to pick up Wells books to see how he used that in his writing.


The Novel excerpt that I read was “The Stand” by Stephen King it started off really interesting and had me questioning exactly what they were running for and gave me enough information to question even more without being completely confused. The way it kept going through different places so rapidly within just 15 pages of writing really got me hooked since it didn’t stay in one place for too long of a time. I would definitely read more of this Novel because I want to know more about what will happen next and I always want to read something by Stephen King.

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