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End Week

January 30, 2018

Here it is again another weekly post! This time I will be discussing the things I did in week 2 which was a very interesting week having us go in depth more with the post-apocalyptic themes and storytelling. This week we watched a lot of the videos on the topic of storytelling, however, one of the most interesting ones to me was the End Day video.

In this video, it combined my two favorite things cheesy videos and sci-fi. It was one of those videos that got me thinking what would I do if I was put in that situation or just me thinking why the characters made certain decisions such as leaving their car when people are trying to leave an area or how a lot of people didn’t react that much when a giant wave was about to hit New York. Even when questioning the characters choices I still watched this and was entertained. This week was not about focusing on one type of scenario for the apocalypse but rather all the different situations that could happen.

I am looking forward to what other videos we would watch and if they would focus on one type of apocalyptic situation or would they mostly be a combination of situations. Another thing I am looking forward to is the other short stories or Novels we will be reading to help me find more post-apocalyptic stories to read.

For the question of the week “In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?” I would want to be turned into a zombie then killed right before I turned. This way just seems right since it would only be one person dying rather than multiple and having all loved ones around me being turned into a zombie sounds horrible and I would want to avoid that situation at all costs.


What could go wrong?

January 28, 2018

The versions of an apocalypse shown by “End Day” were very interesting and cheesy, however, it was entertaining. apocalypse I that I thought was the most frightening was the last one because that one was the one that was caused by research that was said to have the smallest chance of going wrong. When it did go wrong it pretty much took out a whole city in an instant and would later take out the whole earth with no one being able to stop or limit it. I think most if not all the situations if I were in it I would freak out. Some of the characters in there did not freak out that much though which felt weird to me since it was life ending or world ending situations.


Now time for the Routledge article which one thing interested me the most about this article which was the part where it focused on the Wells Novels and how Darwinism was at the core of his apocalyptic Novels. Which Darwinism became a staple throughout a lot of writing related to catastrophe. This made me interested in checking out these books to see what they were about and to pick up Wells books to see how he used that in his writing.


The Novel excerpt that I read was “The Stand” by Stephen King it started off really interesting and had me questioning exactly what they were running for and gave me enough information to question even more without being completely confused. The way it kept going through different places so rapidly within just 15 pages of writing really got me hooked since it didn’t stay in one place for too long of a time. I would definitely read more of this Novel because I want to know more about what will happen next and I always want to read something by Stephen King.

The Daily Daniel

January 22, 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome to one of my first blog posts, I am Daniel Mercado! Today I will be talking about what I have been working on this first week of classes!

First I made my Twitter account for this class so it can be mainly focused on the DS106 class rather than my obsession with memes and football on my regular Twitter. However, I still posted on my intro of myself on Twitter that I am obsessed with memes, puns, and the Steelers cause that is the main things about myself.

The second thing I made was a Youtube video for the daily create about the bag I use and how it would be useful for the post-apocalyptic world. Since I was using my school bag for this it wasn’t the most useful bag for a post-apocalyptic world considering the main things that were in my bag were books. I tried to add a lot of comedy in my video considering that would make up for the boring objects in my bag.

The last thing I created is the Instagram which I was not sure what to post at first. Then I decided that I would do two of my favorite pictures on the Internet and then two pictures of myself so people can see what I look like, so I posted those with a description of myself.

The last thing I will mention is how I feel about the post-apocalyptic theme. I love this theme because many things I have read or played are based on this theme of surviving during the post-apocalyptic times. The games I have played that have this theme is the Fallout series, The Last of Us, Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal, and Left for Dead 2. The main game that interested me in the way it had a post-apocalyptic theme is The Last of Us, this game has the typical zombie shooter theme to it, however, the zombies were started by a fungus that if it got in your bloodstream in any way you would turn into a zombie. The ordinary way it was passed on was through a bite or airborne through spores in a very concentrated area, however, one of the main characters has an immunity to the fungus and the main part of the story is trying to get them to the research center to figure out how to get this immunity out to the public. This idea of zombies being started by a plague was pretty interesting to me since it spread rapidly and could be transferred in multiple ways rather than just a bite. So that’s why I would consider a plague post-apocalyptic scenario to be the most interesting to me.

Post-Apocalyptic Entertainment

January 17, 2018

Welcome to the end! Just because its the end doesn’t mean there has to be no entertainment! Since technology is very limited here I have decided to try and create a means of communicating/entertaining, hopefully, this will catch on even if the world is over.