**** Fallout 2018 ****

Kids Can be All Stars Too

February 20, 2018

I tried uploading this on SoundCloud however it did not like that I used All-Star but this mix was simply putting a cover a song that was wildly different than the original. The song changes around the whistling part of AllStar

The beginning of Alexanders end

February 20, 2018

Alex loved working at blockbuster it was his favorite job and one of the only things he cared about. However, this voicemail was the beginning of the end of Alexanders happiness at blockbusters. He also does not like to be called by his first name so he has a name he likes to go by Xavier because of the “x” in his name.

Reading and Resource Reflection

February 19, 2018

From the resources provided I learned that making a audio story is more than just speaking into a microphone and hoping your point gets to the reader. The audio storytelling could include some noises and pauses to amplify your point or to just add some interesting ideas within the radio show or whatever is being done with the audio.

I also learned that there are many resources to find some audio samples to post audio samples and to be able to edit audio to be useful. One tool that I have used before is audacity this program is very useful in editing, however, to become a master at it, it takes a lot of practice. It looks very complicated when first going into it but then once you get the hang of audacity it become easier. I have also used soundcloud before not to upload audio just to listen to some audio. I did not know that there was a lot of archives with audio samples to use which helps me improve my audio creation even more.

Overall I learned a lot from these resources and believe they will be helpful to use later on with this class,other classes, or for my own personal reasons.

Why Alexander is the way he is

February 18, 2018

Alexander H. Ross otherwise known as Alex did not have a very interesting childhood, he was the only child of a divorced mother and father, he lives with his mother. He is the age of 20 and has had 2 jobs one at a GameStop and one at a Blockbuster ,however, he likes to count being a moderator of a 4Chan board a job too. His education background is a GED from his high school then after graduating he took one year off school to focus on work (even though he didn’t even work 5 hours a week during the break) and then he went to the online college called the University of Phoenix for one semseter then dropped out. However more into the past of him he grew up loving technology and trying to do things with as minimum effort as he can unless the thing involved anime or video-games. He learned most of his skills from endless googling how to do certain things such as computer repair and programming since he wanted to fix his own computer if he had problems with it. Even as a child he was more knowledgeable about computers than some of his peers that didn’t know the monitor isn’t the actual computer majority of the time. He did not try to attain a job in that field however since he himself said that the programming and repair was too much work if it wasn’t something for himself. Even with himself being isolated from the community and a shut in he still says he had a good childhood and he grew up happy because he wanted the minimum amount of interactions every day. He only did what he needed to do but he always put his wants over anyone else’s needs. He did grow up loving the blockbuster stores and wanting to work at one since they always had the niche movies/games he wanted, and when he did finally get a job at one it was a dream come true. The decision to drop out of online college and continue working at the only place he loved soon became a horrible decision since recently his job will be lost because of the store shutting down, this is the only thing that has gotten Alex emotional. His parents or his stepdad can’t even mention Blockbuster without him getting emotional. His ideal location to end up in is Alaska considering it has some of the last Blockbusters remaining.

I mistakenly titled this as Assignment oops

February 17, 2018

I decided to create a character with the archetype of the Neutral Character which is a character that is Unmotivated and indifferent to the situation, accepting of the negative situation with no desire to get out of it, fine with everyone eventually dying.


Picture this kind of world

February 13, 2018

Well hello everyone, welcome to another one of my posts about what I did this week! This week was mainly focused on visual storytelling and how it can be a good tool to use. The main projects I did were the ones about making a photo such as the pixel project that I did. At first, I did not know what to create then I thought an atomic bomb would be a cool one to create, however the more time I put into the bomb the more it looked like the explosion itself so then I turned it into an explosion instead.

The second assignment I did was the shadows picture of the bird since this didn’t have to be a post-apocalyptic story I decided to just put a weird/interesting question to quote it. This was just a picture I loved to take and had to tweak a little since it wasn’t quite dark enough for my liking. This picture also was very hard to get at the right angle since I tried to line it up with the gap.

The next thing that I worked on was all the video assignments. These were very interesting although I liked The Road a lot the other film Le Jetee, I still thought both conveyed the post-apocalyptic theme well. At first, I did not know what went into creating a gif however now I know how hard it can be to make a gif especially if you would want to add text and keep it at high frames. This skill might be used later by me to create some funny gifs or trying to add some captions to something. However this is the gif that I created from the movie because this scene was crazy to me.

The Road to Victory

February 12, 2018

Hello everyone welcome to another one of my blog posts! This time it is about the movie The Room and the short video called La Jetee. The first thing I am going to discuss is The Room which is a post-apocalyptic movie about a son and his father traveling trying to survive the world after an apocalypse. The things that they encounter this entire time are terrifying if they were to happen in this kind of situation. The main parts that were interesting about this was the escape from the cannibal house and the part where someone stole their gear. The gif that I got from the movie was the part where he points the gun at the guy who stole his gear.

This part was notable because it captured the ruthlessness of a post-apocalyptic situation and how it was everyone is just trying to survive and they will do whatever it takes to survive in this cruel world. The short video was very interesting however it did not catch my interest as much as The Road. The reason that this wasn’t as interesting was that the story is told in pictures reminded me of a PowerPoint being shown considering there were subtitles as well. However, it was a very cool way of showing a story since it did work well at setting an atmosphere of post-apocalypse/apocalypse.

Picture a world like this

February 12, 2018

The tips I have learned about photography were stuff I have already kept in mind considering I usually already do considering I have been interested in photography for a while. The main thing I have trouble keeping in mind is the foreground and background being very important to a photo. I usually take pictures of very uninteresting things and try to make it interesting however the background always comes out bland.

The rule of thirds is almost always incorporated in my photos as well as including lines the photo to draw the attention to a subject or just the photo in general. The Abandoned America photos were very interesting and gave a good look at abandoned places while giving them a good picture and made them look very interesting even though they haven’t been visited in a while. Looking at these pictures makes me think about taking pictures similar to these since it could show something that hasn’t been seen for years and might not be seen years later. However, pixel art has not been something I have tried but I would like to try in the future or more often to try and create interesting things with it such as an explosion of a nuke I tried to do in this with only 16 pixels which are hard to show on this.

From Zombies to Videogames

February 6, 2018

It is time for me to reflect on what I have done this week yay! This week was mainly focused on my writing which is the part I am worst at sadly, anyways the first thing I did was the daily create on Tuesday which was the one where it gave you a surreal compliment and you had to get a picture that best represented it I got the quote “Ever do you remind me of a staircase falling exotically into a sea of spilled macaroni”. I did what anyone would do thinking about this picture, PhotoShop’ed macaroni at the bottom of a staircase. Being able to get this quote and being able to use this to relearn some basic PhotoShop was fun!

The other thing I did was make my selection for a book which was Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut. I chose this book because I have read other books by Kurt Vonnegut and I thought his writing was very interesting and it kept my attention. I cannot wait to see what this novel has in store for me. After doing this I decided to write a terms of conditions for the apocalypse more specifically the zombie apocalypse. This was interesting because I made it like a contract and had the people have to pay a tax and go to certain areas if they are infected. I tried to do some extreme things that could sound unreasonable because I feel like the apocalypse would make some people power crazy.

After that I worked on the products of the apocalypse assignment which was writing an amazon review on an item but the review is based on how useful it would be in the event of an apocalypse. The item that I chose for this was a tactical pen, this pen has a sharp edge on it and came with a multitool which made it very convenient to have in that kind of situation with a can opener, knife, car window breaker and DNA collector (which only collected DNA through stabbing). I liked trying to be creative in trying to figure out how exactly this pen would be useful even though it seemed like such a useless item now unless you are stranded or attacked.

Concluding that I worked on two assignments the alternate endings for a short story from the selection and a game review. The two short stories pieces were interesting however I was more interested in was called “The Screwfly Solution” this one had an amazing plot but it was also very dark. I decided to make an alternative ending to this story and completely flipped what happened to the humans to the creatures, I did this so I could have a happier ending rather than the whole world ending only parts of it ended. Then for one of my last assignments I did a game review on one of my favorite game Overwatch, I focused on the parts I like best about it the map design and character design, considering the game play focuses around those two parts. Overall all the assignments were fun and I would like to do some again such as alternate ending but with a videogame instead and a game review on one interesting game called Doki Doki Literature Club which is a psychological horror game in disguise.