**** Fallout 2018 ****

And we are uhhh live!

Oh boy, it’s time for the weekly Daniel talk!

For the past two weeks, we mainly focused on the radio show and getting that done however we also did some daily creates!

The first one I did was the one about what I would not want to be in an apocalypse so I picked a zombie because a cyborg would be cool but being a mindless zombie would be horrible.

The second one I did was the 80s glam message! This one I have used the generator before and only responded to some friends with that. I had the Space Jam theme stuck in my head (as usual) so I made it based off that.

The third one I did was the message to a loved one so I wrote one to my dog.

Then time for the grand finale! THE RADIO SHOW! It was a wonderful time recording this radio show with my group! We felt like 14 minutes of solid footage would be amazing.

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  1. It definitely looks like your character lost more than just his hands looks like he lost some of his skin as well, I sure hope this never happens to your character as he looks hideous. Good Job of going for the zombie look you nailed it. Being that I have/had dogs, I feel that I would miss my dog greatly if it was lost during the hustle and bustle of the apocalypse. I hope your dog comes back.

  2. Samara Wong says:

    The 80s glam message looks amazing and professional! I also couldn’t resist listening to your radio show (even though I told myself that I would wait until they were on air) and the sound effects are great! It’s amazing how different recordings are once you just add a few sounds.

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