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End Week

Here it is again another weekly post! This time I will be discussing the things I did in week 2 which was a very interesting week having us go in depth more with the post-apocalyptic themes and storytelling. This week we watched a lot of the videos on the topic of storytelling, however, one of the most interesting ones to me was the End Day video.

In this video, it combined my two favorite things cheesy videos and sci-fi. It was one of those videos that got me thinking what would I do if I was put in that situation or just me thinking why the characters made certain decisions such as leaving their car when people are trying to leave an area or how a lot of people didn’t react that much when a giant wave was about to hit New York. Even when questioning the characters choices I still watched this and was entertained. This week was not about focusing on one type of scenario for the apocalypse but rather all the different situations that could happen.

I am looking forward to what other videos we would watch and if they would focus on one type of apocalyptic situation or would they mostly be a combination of situations. Another thing I am looking forward to is the other short stories or Novels we will be reading to help me find more post-apocalyptic stories to read.

For the question of the week “In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?” I would want to be turned into a zombie then killed right before I turned. This way just seems right since it would only be one person dying rather than multiple and having all loved ones around me being turned into a zombie sounds horrible and I would want to avoid that situation at all costs.


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