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From Zombies to Videogames

It is time for me to reflect on what I have done this week yay! This week was mainly focused on my writing which is the part I am worst at sadly, anyways the first thing I did was the daily create on Tuesday which was the one where it gave you a surreal compliment and you had to get a picture that best represented it I got the quote “Ever do you remind me of a staircase falling exotically into a sea of spilled macaroni”. I did what anyone would do thinking about this picture, PhotoShop’ed macaroni at the bottom of a staircase. Being able to get this quote and being able to use this to relearn some basic PhotoShop was fun!

The other thing I did was make my selection for a book which was Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut. I chose this book because I have read other books by Kurt Vonnegut and I thought his writing was very interesting and it kept my attention. I cannot wait to see what this novel has in store for me. After doing this I decided to write a terms of conditions for the apocalypse more specifically the zombie apocalypse. This was interesting because I made it like a contract and had the people have to pay a tax and go to certain areas if they are infected. I tried to do some extreme things that could sound unreasonable because I feel like the apocalypse would make some people power crazy.

After that I worked on the products of the apocalypse assignment which was writing an amazon review on an item but the review is based on how useful it would be in the event of an apocalypse. The item that I chose for this was a tactical pen, this pen has a sharp edge on it and came with a multitool which made it very convenient to have in that kind of situation with a can opener, knife, car window breaker and DNA collector (which only collected DNA through stabbing). I liked trying to be creative in trying to figure out how exactly this pen would be useful even though it seemed like such a useless item now unless you are stranded or attacked.

Concluding that I worked on two assignments the alternate endings for a short story from the selection and a game review. The two short stories pieces were interesting however I was more interested in was called “The Screwfly Solution” this one had an amazing plot but it was also very dark. I decided to make an alternative ending to this story and completely flipped what happened to the humans to the creatures, I did this so I could have a happier ending rather than the whole world ending only parts of it ended. Then for one of my last assignments I did a game review on one of my favorite game Overwatch, I focused on the parts I like best about it the map design and character design, considering the game play focuses around those two parts. Overall all the assignments were fun and I would like to do some again such as alternate ending but with a videogame instead and a game review on one interesting game called Doki Doki Literature Club which is a psychological horror game in disguise.

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