**** Fallout 2018 ****

When will my reflection show, who I am, inside?

Hello, everyone, this is another one of my self-reflection posts for this week! This week was focused on audio creation and editing which was very fun however it could be difficult. The other thing that I did was create a resume for my character. I mainly focused on the aspect of them being a shut-in that was good with technology however they focused only on what they cared about which is mainly his computer and blockbusters. I didn’t want this character to have any feelings so I made him love blockbusters because that was the best job he has worked that was suddenly ended because of the recent closing in Texas. I also made some backstory for this character so I could show how the closing affected him.

The assignment bank assignments were hard to figure out interesting ideas to do such as the scripts and getting my voice right for the recording. However, making the decision of all-star being my main song for the audio project was my favorite part because mixing the kid’s bop version with it was hilarious to me since both have a very different feel to it considering one is for kids. For my frequency2156 project, it is taking forever to post so if it is not up by tonight I will post the audio in this post.

The answer to the daily question how am I feeling today is slightly joyful like garlic bread with cheese, however, there is something missing from the mix possibly the marinara sauce. Also, I am slightly hungry could you tell? Seriously just being able to mess with audio and create funny mixes really added to the happiness and trying out new programs and seeing what I could make really added to my mood right now.

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